April 2, 2011

Eggsactly What I Wanted

We have chickens!!!
I know. It's dumb. The health nut family doesn't already have their own chickens? Mom and Dad used to have meat birds a long time ago and so there was a place in our old dilapidated barn for them. Stuff like this only happens when Dad gets a wild hair in his head.... And PRAISE the Lord for it! I've wanted chickens for so long...I despise and detest buying anything from the store and want to be completely self-sufficient in the future. A garden, fruit trees, and rabbits will be on the list next in the future, but this is a great step towards it.
We bought twelve Rhode Island Red/Plymouth hens and two Barred Rock roosters. They're still getting used to their new surroundings, so egg production is low but they don't freak out as much now when I touch them. Mom and Dad are already saying "Kendle and her chickens...." I do love animals. Maybe I'm weird and just not used to them, but I find them fascinating creatures and love to pet each one near darktime before I retire to bed. "All creatures of our God and King..." they are so intricate, interesting and beautiful. I don't want to take things in life for granted and not appreciate the beauty of the earth that God created...what wonderful creatures even the smallest are!

Been doing a deep clean of the bedroom that I share with my younger brother and sister, but it's taking forever. So many things to do, and I need Christ's strength to focus on the most important ones, including Christ himself! Draw me nearer Lord. Show me what's the most important and give me time in the day to learn more about you. Give me energy, endurance for hard things, and that I wouldn't put up a wall in my learning time. I feel really drained, tired, and bushed all the time. I need the re-energizing power of Christ in whom I can do all!

Still learning from my Teacher how to Trust and Obey every day,


  1. Yay for chickens! Do you keep some of the hens away from the roosters?

    Sounds exciting! I used to have some chickens, but my dog ate them. :(

  2. Nope...the roosters (Peter and Zook) hang out with the girls all day long and aren't henpecking them at all.

    Ooooo...yikes. Did you have meat or laying chickens? Only last night I turned around to see my german shepherd stick her head through the wire and bite off a few tail feathers of one of the hens. I had to laugh at the sight, but yelled at her profusely.

  3. Laying hens. :) It was sort of unplanned though, some friends of ours had some chicks and I talked my mom into letting me raise them. :) So we got 4 chicks... 2 of them ran away when they got bigger and our dog at the other 2. A year later, we got 2 more, and our dog ate both of those also. Both times they had just started laying eggs somewhat frequently too, so it was kind of a bummer.

    Glad your dog just got the tail feathers! :)

    Are yours meat chickens?

    I used to have a rabbit too, but she was definitely a pet. I don't think I could eat a rabbit that'd I'd raised. They're so cute and cuddly and fluffy. :) At least, mine was...