February 19, 2011

The Virginia Reel

Just had to show a video of our recent Valentine dance....so much fun! Shows how easy it is to dance the always-popular Virginia Reel.

Fried Brain to Order

"The effect of a crisp highly-starched muslin dress upon a man of quick emotions is rapid and startling. The first impulse is to crush it between the arms, and crumple it up like a silverpaper balloon; but such desires cannot be indulged without the excuse of an affectionate embrace sanctioned by the parents of the young lady.Is it not beautiful to gaze on the female form, clouded in fluttering gauze, and floating over the ground white and aerial as a puff of steam? Through the transparent skirt the embroidered petticoat displays its costly work, and the machinery of the little feet may be watched as under a glass-case, with increasing interest. The shoulders are seen through the slight haze of the bodice, and they are delicately fair."

Augustus Mayhew, Faces for Fortunes, 1865

All month I had been looking forward to dance practice, workday at the Sullivan's house, and contra dancing at an awards banquet. I had been experiencing headaches, low energy, backaches, and discovered I had a high fever that we figured out was the flu. So, I'm staying at home taking supplements and foods with high nutritional value. Very unproductive two days...one of the things I detest the most is unproductivity. Here's what I did Tuesday.
My cotton petticoat freshly washed and air-dried. ^^^
I went on to boil a large amount of starch with water on the stove till boiling, let that cool and then dumped into the sink. Immersed petti into starch and massaged into petti. Proceeded to wring out the extra starch, which was very heavy and thick, and then hung to dry. Was supposed to go in every couple of hours to pull apart petti from itself so it wouldn't glue together...but was stranded at a friend's house because of super-heavy fog. Took me 20 minutes to pull apart every little fold of this petti and the bottom of my other petticoat.  Dried for a day and a half.
Sprinkled with water and ironed. Stiffer before ironing, but still good. After wringing out a heavy petticoat (big workout!) and ironing, I can understand fully why it took women from the 1850's two-three days to do this. Worth it though....I have more width under my dress. Will post pictures when I wear my dress.
What do I do when I get sick? Here's some things that Dr. Mercola suggests that my family has done for years:     http://www.mercola.com/
Vitamin C: A very potent antioxidant; use a ntural form such as acerola, which contains associated micronutrients.
Oregano Oil: The higher the carvacrol concentration, the more effective it is. Carvacrol is the most active antimicrobial agent in orgeano oil.
Propolis: Bee resin is one the most broad-spectrum antimicrobial compounds in the world; propolis is also the richest source of caffeic acid and apigenin, two very important compounds that aid in immune response and even fight cancer.
A tea made from a combination of elderflower, yarrow, boneset, linden, peppermint, and ginger; drink it hot and often for combating a cold or flu. It causes you to sweat, which is helpful for eradicating a virus from your system.
Olive leaf extract:  Ancient Egyptians and Mediterranean cultures used it for a variety of health-promoting uses and it is widely known as a natural, non-toxic immune system builder.

For the flu, I also use peroxide in ears, royal jelly, Vitamin C, liquid D, coconut oil, BronchoPhase, ImmunoPhase, Virastop, juices high in ORAC, (cherry, goji) Black seed oil, and homepathic pills. Used to use colloidal silver in nebulizer, but now just use 5/1 radio water and peroxide. (helps break down gunk in lungs)

Mom prohibited me from doing anything with major thinking involved, so my two favorite things, reading and playing the piano, were out. Watched Food Network all day, and now am craving fresh, savory Mexican food. Please hop into my mouth, oh yummy heirloom tomatoes and fresh cilantro!

In Christ Alone,

"Salvation is by works....the works of God." Pastor Joe

February 9, 2011

Snowy Days and Patient Hearts

Here is a picture of our beautiful dirt road covered in 10 inches of snow...you can call it Snowmageddon, Snowicane, or Snow-I-anything. Everybody I knew on Facebook was posting picture albums with goofy names like that...silly.

So busy. Going through the Chemistry and Algebra on my GED program is not easy and I haven't gotten all my assignments done. Through all this, daily Proverbs readings about pursuing Wisdom convict me of my stubbornness. Give me love for math, Lord, and make me stay sane! ;-) But only have 1-1 1/2 weeks left of doing this program...yay! Still don't know where the Lord wants me in college. As Luke Bryan says, "Don't worry 'bout nothing, pray about everything." Good motto.

Every day I read three verses from Proverbs during my devotion with the Lord. "Consider well the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established and ordered aright." Proverbs 4:26 Consider well the path of your life and your purpose. Not just thinking about it for a fleeting few moments, but think hard about it. Show me what you have planned for me, Lord! Give me wisdom, show me where to go, what to do, and how I can glorify you in the process!
Close by is one of my favorite verses, "Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life." Proverbs 4:23 Guard your heart, for out of it flow the issues of life. What do we need to guard our hearts from? Sin. Improper thoughts. Youthful lusts and desires. Giving our hearts away to someone who isn't our husband/wife. Heresy or theology that doesn't match up with Scripture & the character of God. Pride. Hate. Idolizing worldly things. And much more I can't remember right now.  
 And this cooked amazingness is my father's work. He enjoys, like me, to dream up recipes for all sorts of things, and is constantly improvizing. Some experiments are delicious, and some are just weird. I won't ever forget the three days he made smoothies loaded with maca...and forced all us kids to drink the thick, pasty globby smoothie. I gag now. Ggggkkk.    
Unfortunately, they mostly are cheesy omelets and gravy with fried potatoes. This picture is french fry cut fried potatoes, onion, green onion, sausage, cream cheese and shredded cheddar cheese. Baked in a 75-year old cast-iron skillet in the oven. Completely and totally horrible for you. Artery clogging, heart attack inducing comfort food, but oh! it was so good! My belly said more, but my waistline said PLEASE STOP!

Schatze loves playing in the snow! She is confused on how to use the bathroom...when she sinks into the snow. :-)
My Mom, my sister Allison and I joined a Christian community choir a few months ago. Our good friends have raved about how much fun it was, and after watching a performance, we knew we wanted to be part of this! Every Monday we meet for 2 1/2 hours to practice...we get to sing praises to Jesus! Many of us come from different Protestant Christian backgrounds, so we've learned some new hymns that I just love! And singing in a choir directed by Calvin Yoder is so beautiful to listen to, it's perfect harmony.

Jesus, hold my hand/ I need Thee ev'ry hour
Thru..... this pilgrim land/ Protect me by Thy pow'r;
Hear... my feeble plea/ O Lord,....look down on me.
When I kneel in pray'r I hope to meet you there/ Blessed Jesus, hold my hand.

In Christ alone,
Kendle Laycock