March 19, 2011

Live Simply. Glorify Christ. Develop Good Habits. Know Him.

No post for a month? Lemme s'plain. ;-)

Working in the Fred Math book. Church. Working at greenhouses with Allison. Cleaning. General busy-ness.

"Let all things be done decently and in order." 1 Corinthians 14:40

I'm ready to be organized. Period. And the pack-rat in our family? You shall feel my presence very soon. And you will not like it in the sense that things are going to start disappearing or appearing in the bins at the thrift store. Yes. It will happen. After being accountable to others & talking with godly older women & men I've better learned these things:

1. Your habits before you move out/get married will be the same afterwards. So, be organized, plan meals now, budget now, and learn how to plant a garden & raise chickens NOW! Rise early, get disciplined, and make good habits come to fruition. For a while I've put it off because recently I'm always sleepy and have no energy even though I have a super-healthy lifestyle. But, I'm just going to jump into it, and, I'm also taking vitamin B-complex supplements so hopefully that will help.

2. Get rid of unneccessary things, hobbies and don't be a collector of junk. Live simply, even bare bones almost. The more things you have, the more junk you have laying around and the more to CLEAN or pick up. I'm thinking of my scrapbooking equipment I never use, and some of my clothes. Maybe even deleting this blog and logging off facebook. "Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31 This extends to all walks of life. If what your doing is not to the glory of God, it's sin.

3. If a unmarried couple in a relationship do not pray together and read Scripture together before they are married, they most likely won't do it afterwards. So important! Men are to be the leaders of the house. They need to lead the family spiritually every day, set Christ-like goals, and guide their wives like Christ leads the Church. If it's in His will, I pray the Lord would bring me such a man.

I love banana ice-cream. So yummy and very easy. I modified it from raw recipes to suite my taste. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or snack.

Slice 4-6 bananas, and freeze them for 12 hours. 5-7 minutes before ready to blend, set out. Blend in a high-speed blender with 1 tsp vanilla and 1/2 cup cream. You will have to stop blender after 7-10 seconds to move bananas around. Do this until most of the chunks are gone. Eat some now if you like. Spatula into bowl and stick in freezer. Take out and stir every 20 minutes so it all freezes. When ready to eat, sit out for 10 minutes to thaw. Cacao nibs, chocolate powder, strawberry jam, peanut buttter, nuts, fruit, etc. are all great toppings.

In closing, I hope to busy myself in learning new things and hope not to be on here for quite a while.

In Christ Alone and desiring to do all to His glory,

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me." Psalm 51:10


  1. how exciting! I hope the best for you! BUT I do have to say that I have grown and changed immensely since marrying in the area of abilities. Not that I don't wish I had started earlier!
    I had never planned a menu, made more than ramen noodles or taco salad (and pico de gallo- that was my biggest accomplishment). I had sewn tiny pillow for fun growing up and my types of exercise was so selective. In the last five and half years I have learned how to sew, cook about 50 meals or more, create my own recipes, plan a menu and grocery list for 2-3 weeks at a time, garden, and broaden my exercise horizon. I liberated and exhilarated- this is only the begining! If I had focused in on these things before, I can only imagine!
    So I applaud you and wish you the best!
    If we live for Jesus with all we have now then it doesn't matter what he has planned for us!!

  2. Great goals, Kendle. It really does help to have healthy mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical habits prior to marriage. A good marriage does encourage those things, but it's still easier if you come into the marriage already doing them.

    I love #2. I really like the minimalist/simplistic lifestyle. I think most American's have an unhealthy view of what they "need". We're so materialistic! David and I have far fewer "things" than the average couple, but still have stuff we need to sort through and do away with.

  3. Thanks! I want to learn as much as possible and develop good habits before moving out or getting married so that I have the basics down. Will definately help me in the future.
    I'd LOVE to learn to sew, but it's farther down on the list right now. Budgeting, meal planning, gardening, and poultry raising are some things I hope to conquer. Mom has taught Allison & I in the kitchen since we were little, so that doesn't scare me too much.
    Mom finally showed me how to iron a couple months ago; it's so easy and I want to learn more skills so much!
    Yes. I want to know Him so much and whatever He has planned for me I know is the best and will be for His glory.

  4. Yes, Megan, I agree. Wherever the Lord places me, I want to bring good habits to the table.

    We think we need so much junk. And yet when we get rid of it, we have SO much time to serve others, pray, read Scripture and be productive in self-sufficient ways. Who doesn't feel proud of something they made themselves?
    I was at a friend's house recently and was so impressed by how simply they live. Everything has a place, few toys for the little ones, and such a Christ-honoring sweet aroma to the house. I want that!

  5. Very encouraging, Kendle!!!! I suggest for gardening you read the book, "All New Square foot Gardening" I think ti's the best way to garden. I am reading the boook and going to try it this year. I know Thne Millsaps have done it for the past two years and really like it!!!! :) I think you would really enjoy it! Have you ever read about that method?

  6. Never heard of it before. Sounds interesting, and very prudent especially if you have little space to use.

    I have a few friends who've had a lot of success with lasagna gardening. We have so many trees where we live that we'd have to cut 4-5 down to get a good ample space for sunlight, and our soil isn't the greatest. And cutting them down would mean Dad would be the man....but he's so busy I feel bad bothering him so I don't know if it will ever happen. :-) If we ever get to that point, I will definately look up the square foot method. Hope you have a bunch of yummy veggies! I'm jealous! I'd just love to be digging in the dirt every day and learning to be self-sufficient.