February 22, 2013

Study, Study, Study

As of right now, if no one sees this post I will be completely content knowing that I just was able to express myself.

College is mainly what I've been up two in the last two years. I've already completed two semesters of college, working on my third, and only one more to go in the fall. After that I will be able to apply to Penn Valley for their Occupational Therapy Assistant program. Lord willing, I can be done by 2016.... if I can make it through Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology.

Currently, I am taking Intro into Occupational Therapy, Chemistry 100, and History 120. Not getting the chemistry very well, but loving the other two subjects.

For a long time Occupational Therapy almost seemed like a faint dream. I didn't think I could go for it seeing as it looked like I would need to get vaccines. But the Lord does provide. All I need are religious exemptions from a doctor. In taking my Intro into Occupational Therapy I see exactly how perfect OT is for me. It is client-centered with an emphasis on quality of life, holistic, research-based, and focuses on providing the tools for independence in daily life activities.

I am, just by the strength of God alone, trusting in Him to provide whatever it is He has planned for me.  

This upcoming summer (2013) will be my seventh summer out at Camp Del-Haven. Apart from my church home, this is my second home. I've been so challenged in my walk with the Lord as I witness to inner city children about who God is. I love getting to know the kids, teaching them Scripture verses, playing in the pool with them, singing in the chapel, and explaining about how God is eternal, loving, just, merciful, and good, unlike us. I sure do miss those kids when they are gone.

Camp also blesses me at other times during the year. So many times I am not walking as I should with the Lord, and suddenly a line or two of "Read your Bible, pray every day, and you'll grow grow grow" will convict me that I need to seek Christ more each day. Almost every week I'll reflect back on the verses I had to memorize so I could teach the kids the verse, like Psalm 86:5 or Psalm 139.

In 2012 I began learning how to sew. I have currently made two petticoats for Missouri Town, and finished my longest project, a completely hand-sewn 107 row corded petticoat, seen below. After making one more petticoat, I should be ready to try my hand at making a fitted period-correct dress (unlike the one I am wearing). That is, when I have time apart from homework....zilch.
Due to school I missed one or two events out at Missouri Town, but keep researching every once in a while. But I'm itching to put my hair up, tighten the corset, make some switchel, and get near the fires at the Tavern to teach the public about life during the 1850's.  
Anything new this year? Got glasses...all that schoolwork killed my eyes. So glad God's eyes never wear out... "The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their cry."

Stopped using shampoo and now use the "no poo" method of baking soda. Works well, saves money, and less water wasted.

What has God been teaching me?

      He has taught me that I cannot base my hope in any career, human being, hobby, activity, or adventure. It must all be rooted in Christ. J-O-Y does start with Jesus first. Recently I have got into a rut of not having my time with God, and I truly hate it. I just want to delve into Scripture, be alone with God, and let Him teach me who He is and what He's done for me. Only when I have had my time with God do I feel ready to start the day, or that the day was even worth something. I know that my hard work towards my school is God's will, but I'm never truly as happy as when I can be with Jesus.

Another lesson God has taught me is I have no strength of my own. My weakest effort is not good enough, but with God working through me I can understand chemistry. I can study for long hours. I can love those who are hard to love. I can see my own sin. All by the works of Christ I am saved, by the Holy Spirit can I see truth, and all by God I was planned to be one of the elect. Praise be to God, who works through my weaknesses.

In Christ alone,

Trust and obey,
For there's no other way,
To be happy in Jesus,
But to trust and obey.