November 14, 2010

First Post... a little teeny bit about me to get started.

Well hello.

Yes, you, like me that has an extra 30 minutes of your life to waste reading somebody else's thoughts....go on. You've still got more time to kill.

One of my favorite Christian authors, Leslie Ludy, wrote in her November-December 2010 Set-Apart Girl Magazine about one big time-waster we have today: Facebook.  Apart from being really bored with Facebook anyway recently & not feeling like I am getting to know anybody, I decided I'd start a blog. A.W. Tozer said "The man who would know God must give time to Him." I want to use God's time wisely, and if I can just post once a week or once a month I'll be giving so much time back for God's usage in my life. Been trying really hard every day to get up early, have a devotion "date" with my Saviour Jesus Christ, do exercises and then get on with regular chores, schoolwork, and life.

      Horrible pic of me. Doing what I love: creating raw food               
I'm a health "nut", and love creating food that is yummy, savory and delicious while still having the most nutrition possible. The green smoothie drinks I make have been called "snot drinks," and am proud to eat "bird seed" cookies. Appreciate all the love.... :-)  For a while I was a raw foodie all the way but now I've got a healthy perspective on it. Lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, superfoods (goji berries, cacao, chia seeds) some cooked meat & juices and a lot of water are my main food consumption. Had a thanksgiving dinner at church today, and totally pigged out on nasty cooked food....mashed potatoes and gravy are this southern girl's weakness. I pay for it dearly. Here's a easy holiday recipe I tried recently from Ani Phyo's book "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen":

Almond Nog
Makes 4 servings

1 cup almonds
1/2 cup pitted dates
1/2 vanilla bean
1 teaspoon grated nutmeg
3 cups water
                        Blend everything together in blender until smooth. Will keep for four days in fridge.
I also added extra nutmeg and some honey. Tastes almost exactly like eggnog except better for you!

Well, maybe you'll stick around longer to hear whatever else pops out of my brain.....hope you have a great November!

In Christ,

"The Lord is my portion and my cup; you hold my lot. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance." Psalm 16:5-6


  1. I don't like egg nog (since I don't like eggs) but that looks pretty yummy.

    How did you get started with raw foods anyway? I never really heard of it before you started doing it. My mom's always fed us healthy foods and we used to eat no sugar, but that's not the same as raw.

  2. Eggnog is the reason for weightgain during the holidays...not this year!

    Raw food can be defined a lot of different ways by people. It's basically eating a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds; it's uncooked, unprocessed, & often organic foods. Primarily no heating at all or no heating above 104 degrees because they believe that it kills the vital nutrients & enzymes in the food. You can make "meat", "mylk", smoothies, burgers, cookies, ice-cream, pudding and almost anything you can think of there is a raw food recipe/variation. Very creative. And for the most part it's delicious, but some recipes are nasty.

    My stomach can't hand a lot of canned or processed foods; home-cooked meals don't bother me though. I thrive on a mainly raw food diet, but an occasional burger or bowl of chili doesn't kill me.

  3. I hate canned food. It's nasty.
    I buy frozen vegetables or fresh ones (I've heard that frozen sometimes have more vitamins in them than fresh, since fresh are often picked before ripe and ripened with gases), I cook my own beans, we eat mainly chicken (we've only had beef about 2 times since living here), but sometimes we eat sausage. But, we really don't eat much meat (compared to most Americans), I think we have meat about 4/21 meals a week.

    Unfortunately one thing I can't seem to lose is carbs. I love bread. Not the store bought stuff (that stuff's pretty nasty), but the homemade stuff. Rolls, bread, biscuits, dessert breads... they're so yummy. I try to use at least 50% whole wheat flour in whatever I make though.

    What are some of the basic/primary ingredients you keep around your house?

    How about things like potatoes? Is there a way to make those edible as a raw food?

    Are more than 75% of your meals/week raw?

  4. Um that "snot drink" is patented you need to have my name next to it. Well if this gets posted then it is working and I thank-you for fixing the settings.

  5. Introducing...from the brain of John Norris: "Snot Drinks." ;-) Your welcome.

    Unless you can the food you grow yourself... Chicken, venison & ground beef, and every once in a while fish is our meat intake (tilapia/salmon.)Bread is hard for me too. A slice with butter and cinnamon & sugar sprinkled on...yum. Potatoes & hard vegetables are tricky; I made french fries out of jicama but didn't like the crunch until I dehydrated them a while. You could blend them.

  6. For primary ingredients....Fruits:apples, bananas, (in summer, blueberries & strawberries) Veggies:tomato, celery, carrot, lettuce, avocado, peppers, onion. Walnuts, almonds, pecans, goji berries, tahini, buckwheat, cacao powder, yogurt. Seeds:pumpkin, hemp, sesame. Dates & honey. Oil:coconut, black seed, flax, olive oil. We also drink fruit concentrates (dilute with water) for certain properties: cherry reduces inflammation, pomegranate clears arteries, blueberry, cranberry, goji berry (called the happy berry, has more vitamin C in a handful of berries than a crateful of oranges) and other store-bought juices. Also use chia seed & psyllium powder as thickening agents for making gluten-free "pancakes" and pudding. Powders for "snot drinks": spirulina, chlorella, rice bran, activated barley, kamut,

    Breakfast, snacks & dinner are raw, but dinner is a salad & a main dish with some sort of meat. Probably around 75% is a good guess. If I only get an apple a day & goji berry juice, I'm happy so I don't kill myself over it.

  7. Hay kendle this might be a good question to ask you, what are some low fat and high protein food that I can eat and find at walmart or pricechopper. I am working on loosing 12lbs and not doing to well so I thought the next thing i could do is change my diet. I thought about going vegie only but I would never be able to stop eating (no protein). So if you could shed some light on the subject that would be great.

    I can believe I am really talking about this, what am I becoming, a health nut

  8. Hey Janna, one other thing I always have: sea salt. Ordinary table salt has been stripped of it's companion elements, contains additive, & acts like a poison to our bodies. Sea salt has about 80 mineral elements the body needs & helps preserves blood cells.

    You finally decided to come to the “dark side,”… ;-) Don’t remove all the fats from your diet, you need some for your body to thrive. (handful of walnuts, almonds or pecans have good fats)

    Meats: skinless Chicken Breast, (there is a lot of fat in the skin) canned solid white tuna in water*, beef jerky (make sure sodium [salt] content is low). Fish: cod*, trout, salmon, tilapia* (fried fish & canned packed in oil not good). Egg whites, whey protein in milk or smoothie, oatmeal, green tea*, (Bigelow brand is cheap & my favorite) apples, berries (not high in protein but no fat). Hemp seed is a top complete protein, but probably won’t find at wal-mart. (we bought ours in bulk online cheaper, too expensive even at nature’s pantry) Cabbage, carrots, celery…drinking lots of water helps. If you have a salad, use a vinaigrette dressing instead of heavy dressings like ranch.

    Fat-burning spices: chili powder*, cayenne*, cloves, fennel seeds, ginger, garlic, parsley. And the best spice ever to burn fat: *CINNAMON*. A half to one teaspoon will go a long way. Oatmeal, tea, & fruit (especially apples) go well with cinnamon. Before I work out, I sometimes mix 1 teaspoon cinnamon with honey & choke it down. I’ll post my Cinnamon Smoothie recipe soon.

  9. Was talking to my Dad and he reminded me of don't really want to get into too much "low fat" stuff, it's more about how many carbohydrates you eat. For instance: low-fat yogurt. To make it low-fat they add in a bunch of fillers, preservatives and more sugar, not good. We eat a fair amount of foods with good fats (unsalted nuts, coconut oil, avocado) and don't gain weight from it.

    We've been taking sunflower, safflower, & black seed oils here recently, (which have a ton of omega 6's or 3's, can't remember which) that help in weight loss & getting your body strong. They're pretty cheap, only about $20 a month. If you want I can send the link to buy them.

  10. Ok thanks for the advice. Tonight before we went to the gym I made peanut butter, with bee pollen, cinnamon and honey sandwiches, it was really good usually pollen taste bad and it gets stuck in your teeth but the cinnamon and honey covered it up. Ok well I don't know if I'm gona keep on trying to diet (I am not abolishing much) so this might be something I do to change my diet for the long run.

  11. Sounds good...never thought of putting cinnamon in it. We like to mix honey & peanut butter together & eat that with a banana, kinda like yours. Have to try it with the bee pollen...Dad used to make us put it on our salads. I hated the taste of it & haven't touched it since.

    Even small changes to your diet is a great start! I'm still improving on mine. A month ago when I started my goal of losing all my belly fat, I stopped using a lot of honey & went down on my fruit intake. But it's hard...especially when football season starts & the chips & salsa come out.

  12. Hay kendle, how meny people read this?
    What would you do if I posted something vary embracing? Can you block me that would be funny. You need to update more often, I'm just thinking of how to keep your followers interested.
    Love ya sis